Does Too Much Screen Time Affect Kids' Health?

Due to the Pandemic, Kids’ learning processes are being altered, which may also have an effect on their eyes. After a long day of studying, your daughter might insist on watching cartoons during lunch. You might feel as a parent that she deserves it and turn on the TV for her for an hour or two. The above 4 hours of screen time plus the additional 2 hours makes 6 hours total.

Perhaps your Kid wants to use the smartphone to play games and finish the homework that is due tomorrow. Or perhaps she wants to speak to her grandparents via video call. In the modern world, it is impossible to avoid screen time, and the COVID-19 pandemic has brought Kids indoors and increased their use of screens for learning. We use screens not only for education and learning but also for entertainment and family time. spending nearly eight hours every day!

The end result is digital eye strain mainly, which comes with a host of other health issues. We will briefly discuss Kid's screen time and the rise in myopia cases in this Blog.

What is myopia?

The inability to see things clearly unless they are relatively close to the eyes is known as myopia. Myopia, also known as near-sightedness or short-sightedness, is the most prevalent refractive condition in kids and young adults. Myopia is a condition where the eye becomes too long from front to back, focusing light in front of the retina rather than directly on it.

Research indicates that Kids with critical myopia are more likely to develop retinal detachment, glaucoma, and macular degeneration as they age. Myopia is thought to affect 40% or more of Kids between the ages of 6 and 19 in Europe and North America, and even more so in Asia. Most screen time is consumed in these nations. Research on the connection between screen time and myopia is ongoing.

A leading ophthalmologist from India, speaks about the alarming effects of more screen time on the eyes, saying, "Kids who attend online classes clearly have no escape, but there are certain things that parents can do to minimize the harm. Smaller and brighter screens should be avoided, as should be understood by parents. Kids should be forced to use a desktop computer or laptop while seated in a well-lit area. He continues by saying that young Kids under the age of two should never watch television. Early screen usage can cause delays in speech and development. Additionally, it tends to affect their social behavior and attention span.

Doctors advise both adults and Kids to use screens in environments with adequate background lighting. Kids should also use monitors with medium, rather than bright, light. Blue light filters should be used to protect the eyes from harm. Using apps to control screen time comes in handy in such cases.

Symptoms of Myopia

Myopia cases have increased since the start of the pandemic. Increased eye-watering, redness, and irritation have been reported by parents in their kids. Kids are suffering from refractive disorders due to less exposure to sunlight, which is another factor. In order to mitigate the harm, it is crucial for parents to keep an eye on their Kid's screen time.

How can you restrict your screen time?

  • Create a healthy lifestyle for your eyes at home - Teach your kids about the negative effects of screen time and how it can harm them now and in the future.

  • Observe the 20-20-20 rule: Make sure your Kid looks 20 feet away and takes a 20-second break from the screen every 20 minutes.

  • Make sure to eat a healthy diet and take care of your eyes. Omega 3 fatty acids support eye health before taking medication on your own, consult an ophthalmologist. A diet high in vitamin A is recommended for kids.

  • Spending time outside - A number of studies suggest doing so. It might be able to delay the onset and development of myopia. Kids will be engaged in outdoor activities, which will cut down on screen time. Keep your distance from people and always wear a mask.

  • Use parental control apps - Reducing kids’ screen time and protecting their eye health has been made easiest by using one of the best parental control apps for android like Mysitter.

Make sure you are adhering to these straightforward instructions to maintain your Kid's eye health. Reduce screen time and increase cases of myopia using the best apps to limit screen time.