How to implement Smart Parenting the Digital Way?

Parenting is a process that teaches your child to be self-sufficient. There are numerous things you can do to assist your child as he or she grows and develops. Parenting today is not easy, and it has become even more difficult in the age of digital media. Kids growing up in the social media world will undoubtedly adapt to their surroundings. The rise in the use of mobile phones and other electronic devices knows no bounds. We all know that technology and digital media are harmful to Kids. It makes them shallow and does both good and harm. We cannot separate Kids from technology, nor can we completely prohibit Kids from using it. But what if I told you that this same technology can assist you in keeping your Kids away from it? You read that correctly. With the advancement of technology, certain benefits have been added to it. Below discussed are five unique smart parenting tips for smart parenting in the era of smartphones:

Friends First

First and foremost. Be their friend. More than being friends offline, being friends online gives you a lot of access to your social media habits. No, we don't mean constantly stalking your Kids. Instead, if they have a social media handle, be their friend. Keep a track of their online activities. Create a safe space between you and them for healthy conversations. This will allow you to understand their social activities as well as the types of circles or pages they follow. Knowing this allows you to learn a lot more about their social life, which they don't always share with you.

Set Screen time

Kids become so engrossed in online content that they forget they have a life outside of the screen. Parental control apps such as Mysitter include features for setting a Screen-Time limit. What we mean is that we should use technology to limit its use. These time trackers disable the app after the daily consumption of the set limit. This allows your Kids to take a break from the screen. The technology they adore will allow them to take a break from it.

Mute The Notifications

We know that Kids do not use their phones or gadgets to play or waste time. But there is so much to learn in this internet ocean. Kids can explore a variety of classes, courses, e-learning books, and other resources. And it is a wise use of resources. However, other distractions come with it. The 'notifications' may be the actual reason for Kids shifting their focus and turning their backs on the productive activity they were doing online. And then they turn towards notification, distract themselves, and we're done. This cycle continues indefinitely. There is another way out. Every smartphone has a feature for configuring notification settings. You can use this feature to disable the unnecessary app notifications that keep your Kid from doing productive work and wasting time.

Use of Airplane Mode

One significant side effect of this technology is a lack of a regular sleep schedule. Many parents are concerned about their Kids’ sleep patterns. There has been researching on Kids sacrificing their sleep and disrupting their sleep schedules to be online or because they forget to sleep on time due to their phone addiction. Changing the phone settings and activating Airplane mode before going to bed will not disrupt your Kids’ sleep cycle. You can keep your kids away from an unhealthy mobile addict lifestyle by using yet another brilliant use of smart feature.

Use of Parental Control Apps

The use of parental control apps such as Mysitter is the best way to ensure your Kids’ safety while using their phones. These apps include features that will keep your kids from developing unhealthy mobile habits. Parental Control Apps include features such as:

• Setting Screen-time Limit

• Safe Browsing Options

• Blocking of Unwanted Sites and Apps

• Location Tracking Features

• Remote Access

These are only a few examples. These apps have a lot more to offer, and some of them are free or low-cost to use. As a result, parental control apps can be a wise use of technological advancements as well as a useful digital parenting technique. These are the few suggestions that could help you on your way to smart digital parenting.