How to Monitor your Kid's Internet Behavior?

With the internet and a plethora of social media apps, keeping kids safe and knowing what they're looking at online is becoming increasingly difficult. It can be tough for parents to keep up with their kid's internet behavior when they have access to this much information and technology at their fingertips. Even if your kids aren't lying about their actions or engaging in harmful internet behaviors, they may be unaware of some of the risks.

Many parents believe that it is important to supervise or limit their kid's internet usage until they have reached a particular degree of maturity or media literacy. Parental Control Apps can also be of great help when it comes to monitoring your kid’s behavior in the online world. We hope that the suggestions below will help you in monitoring your child's internet usage from an early age.

· Learn about your child's online tools

Make an effort to understand which new services and apps are attracting your children's interest. Having a conversation with your kid is one of the effective approaches to obtaining this information. Inquire about their favorite apps. Discover why they favor one app over the other.

Inquire about an app's features if your kid wants you to download it or if you see a new app on their gadgets. Inquire about how your little one utilizes the service and have them give you a tour. As you listen to your child, you'll be able to determine whether his or her behavior with the app is likely safe or whether you need to do further research.

· Screen time restraint

Children aged 3-6 should not spend more than one hour or thirty minutes in front of a device. Apart from school schedules, which have been made available online since the outbreak, children should be limited to one hour of mobile usage every day. This, too, should be done only under the supervision of an authorized person. More than an hour of screen time should be avoided since youngsters may become accustomed to these online platforms or the content they watch.

· Privacy settings

Kids should be given the devices with privacy safeguards in place. Parents should activate privacy for some applications and functions of their phones before handing them over to their children so that they are not distracted or watch and access age-inappropriate content. Safety applications allow parents to adapt the apps to their family's needs, such as limiting screen time, blocking specific apps in specified locations, and screening what information children can see.

· Make House Rules

It's a good idea to let your kids know you're watching their behavior. Knowing you are aware of what they are doing might sometimes be enough of a deterrent. It also teaches children about boundaries and starts a conversation about what is and is not appropriate behavior.

Talk to your children about what online behaviors are suitable and inappropriate for their age group, just like you would with off-line behavior. Talk to your kids about why some internet actions are risky. Discuss the effects of bad internet activity. You can also include some positive consequences for good online behavior.

· Make Technology Work for You!

Technology has made your job more difficult, but it also has the potential to make it easier. There are a variety of apps and software packages available to assist you in keeping track of your child's behavior.

You'll have to weigh the pros and cons of each to figure out which is ideal for you. Keep in mind that no monitoring software can cover all of your child's internet interactions. Furthermore, the software is only as good as your commitment to learning how to use it - and to create passwords that aren't easily guessable by your children!

Parental control apps have become more prevalent and advanced in their ability to assist parents in keeping track of their children's online activities. App blocking for kids, filtering websites, recording their activities, limiting their time online, and viewing their browsing history and communications are just some of the features available.

Mysitter parental control app comes with a number of features to help you manage your child's screen usage. This app allows you to control and monitor the applications you use in real time.

If your child installs a potentially hazardous third-party app on their smartphone, it will be disabled until you approve it using the smart app blocking function of the mysitter app. Positive and healthy screen usage can be enforced through the Mysitter App with the set of tools that the app provides.