Is It Acceptable If Your Kid Spends Too Much Time on the Phone?

There is constant media exposure, and it is all fighting for your kids' attention. Screen time has certain negative effects on families and kids that we are only now beginning to understand. Time spent watching television, playing video games, or using a phone is referred to as screen time. Screen time worries have been around for a while because studies have shown that it is bad for kids' mental health. How much screen time is excessive, though? There are several factors to take into account because electronic use by kids can also be beneficial for their education.

How much is too much screen time?

Kids use screens on average for seven hours each day, as per the American Academy of Paediatrics (AAP). Screen time, however, is not only restricted to television. In the internet age, parents must now decide whether to expose their kids to social media sites, video games, and a variety of gadgets including tablets, phones, and computers.

• Kids under the age of 2 months should not be allowed to use screens. After the kid turns 6 months old, playing on apps or video-chatting with you can be healthy for the kid, but the World Health Organization (WHO) advises against exposing young kids to any screen time until they are at least 24 months old.

• Ages 2 to 5: You shouldn't give kids this age more than an hour of screen use each day.

• For youngsters aged 6 and older, limit their screen usage to what you deem acceptable. Make sure the rules you establish don't have a detrimental effect on their sleep or physical activity.

What are the effects of too much screen time on kids?

The average American kid watches television for three hours every day. All screen time combined might range from 5 to 7 hours per day. A youngster who spends too much time on screens may struggle to fall asleep at night, develop concentration issues, experience anxiety or sadness, or put on too much weight (obesity)

How can you limit your kid's time spent on screens?

You don't want your kid to spend too much time watching screens, even though they may keep them occupied with unlimited screen time. Parents can use the following advice to determine how much screen time is appropriate for their kids.

  • Set a good example of electronic usage

For their kids, parents must use technology responsibly. Remember that by spending time in front of a screen yourself, you are setting an example for your kids before you binge-watch your favourite Netflix series.

  • Set Aside Time to Disconnect

All members of your family should set aside time to turn off their gadgets. Two instances are right before dinner or an hour before bed. Your family will have the chance to spend thoughtful, cherished time together when everyone agrees to put down their devices. You can use the apps to control screen time for maintaining proper Screen-time.

  • Use Parental Controls

You may use methods to prevent your kids from viewing explicit stuff online. There are also built-in options or programmes you can download that let you create content filters if your kids have mobile. Additionally, many of them let you block particular websites, web searches, or even terms. You may filter or block inappropriate content with parental control tools like Mysitter on mobile devices and web browsers. If you are searching for a good Parental Control App then Mysitter is the one for you, it is one of the best apps to limit screen time.

  • Encourage Other Activities

It's simple for youngsters to get dependent on electronics for enjoyment because of the abundance of applications, games, devices, and materials. Encourage your kid to look for and participate in non-screen-related activities. A few suggestions include playing outside, reading a book, or even finding an old board game.

  • Make Screen Time a Privilege for your kids

You may choose to treat screen time as a privilege as opposed to a right. A kid's phone, laptop, or video game may be taken away as punishment if you employ a method of discipline that involves deprivation of rights. A good Parental Control App Such as Mysitter will help you with this task of limiting your kid’s screen time Mysitter is one of the best parental control apps for android.