What Risk Factors are associated with heavy Phone Usage?

Electronic gadgets and devices have taken over our lives in the age of technology, and Gadgets like computers, laptops, Wi-Fi modems, and mobile phones have integrated seamlessly into our daily lives. We are so anxious to make our work easier that we fail to see the invisible negative impacts of the radiation released by these devices, which affect both us and our surroundings. Only a small percentage of us are aware that the more mobile phones we use, the more dangerous radiation we are exposed to. It is well known that mobile phones emit a radio frequency of electromagnetic field that travels in all directions to locate the closest station.

Therefore, some radio waves from a mobile phone will be directed at the user's body when they are using it. These radio waves will be absorbed by the body tissue and added to the energy the body produces through metabolism. As a result, numerous research has been done to ascertain the negative impacts of mobile phones on human health. Studies have shown that using a phone excessively can cause health problems like irritation, impulsivity, hand or neck pain, headaches, and even eyesight and hearing loss in kids. Below discussed are some of the risk factors related to excessive mobile phone usage in kids:

1. Mobile Phone affects Your Immunity Status:

After being used for a full day, cell phones have more germs on their displays than toilet seats. As you touch frequently or use close to your face when speaking, these bacteria are easily transferred to your body. This raises the danger of exposure to germs and decreases immunological strength.

2. Increase Risk of Chronic Pains:

When using a phone for extended periods of time to play games or send texts, your hands must constantly move, which can cause chronic pain in your shoulder and hand joints.

3. Effect of the Mobile phone on Vision Problem:

Long hours spent reading text or articles on a small smartphone screen can put a lot of strain on the eyes, which can eventually dry out and cause headaches. Children who are intensely focused on playing games on their smartphones even stop blinking frequently due to their growing interest and attraction to the game. Conjunctival dryness and ocular strain are both brought on by this.

4. Increase stress level:

Raises stress and has a bad impact on your emotions.

5. Infertility:

Do you realize that using a phone can render you infertile, all you men out there? Yes, it may surprise you to learn that a mobile phone's radiation can lower your sperm count. Therefore, keep your phone use to a minimum and never carry one in your pockets.

Managing Your Kid’s Smartphone Usage

Can't completely do without your phone? Use of the best apps to limit screen time or block certain unwanted apps will enable us to keep a track of our kid’s mobile phone usage. These actions are advised by experts for managing your kid’s mobile phone usage:

Be conscious: Recognize the circumstances and feelings that prompt your kid to check the mobile phone. Are they bored? Loneliness? Anxiety? find out the other ways that might comfort them.

Be strong: whenever the phone rings or beeps. It's not always necessary for you to respond, this might grab their attention towards the phone. In fact, shutting off the alert signals will help them stay away from temptation or you can use certain best phone monitoring apps such as Mysitter to keep a track of their mobile phone usage.

Be disciplined: about avoiding using your smartphone in specific circumstances (like while you're around kids, driving, or in a meeting) or at specific times (for instance, between 9 p.m. and 7 a.m.), parental control apps such as Mysitter will help you limit the screen time so that you don't have to worry about your kids overusing the mobile phone.

Use apps to protect yourself: As discussed earlier, this advice is actually very powerful. You can even use these parental control apps to supervise your kid's mobile phone usage. One Of the best phone monitoring apps such as Mysitter lets you limit access to pre-specified websites and apps. You can make a schedule for which hours of the day you want to have access to games and other enticing apps, or you can engage your app blocker when you're trying to concentrate at work. You can get help from some of the best parental control app. A useful feature when trying to break a habit is the ability to schedule "block" sessions in advance. For instance, you could block social media apps for two hours before bed.