Why Should We Monitor Our Kid’s Internet Activity?

How does a parent determine what is an invasion of privacy and what is appropriate monitoring of their Kid? It is an internal conflict because it can harm the relationship in the long run. Kids nowadays are more developed and exposed. Sometimes parents think that informing their Kids about tracking will discipline them. The effect could be the opposite in some cases. They’ll figure out a way to succeed. Therefore, the key query is “What constitutes controlling behavior, and what should raise a concern?”

The older the Kid, the less likely it is that they will be restricted from using their phones and computers. Knowing what is happening in your Kid's digital space is important in today's world. As your Kid gets older, it's important to give them more freedom, but you should also regularly check their phones to make sure they're staying safe when using the internet. To control a Kid's screen time and online behavior, parental control apps like Mysitter can be helpful. Here are some of the reasons why you should monitor your kid’s internet activity:


Cyberbullying can occur in a variety of ways, including sending hurtful messages via e-mail or posting them without permission on social media. Some Kids suffer from a mental breakdown. It is impossible to determine whether they are being bullied or bullying others, without proper supervision

Inappropriate Content

Teenagers and Kids today are constantly in contact with one another. Your Kid may be sending private text messages, photos, and videos, as well as any inappropriate content they come across online, to strangers. They may be exposed to inappropriate content or situations.

Protect their reputation

Certain things should never be posted online because they will harm your Kid's reputation and future chances of getting a better job or college admission. Monitoring them will alert you if your Kid or their friends post anything harmful.

Protect your personal information

Kids can use their phones to post private information on social media. They can share their location, pictures, school name, residence, information about their parents, and much more. This information is used by online predators to track your Kid, which can be dangerous.

Viruses and Malware

There are numerous apps and websites available online, and some of them contain harmful content that can harm your Kid. Some viruses are easily removed, but hackers may blackmail you for a ransom to remove the virus. To protect their personal information, parents should monitor the websites their teenagers visit and ensure they have good antivirus software installed.

Social Media and Gaming addiction

Addiction to social media and video games is on the rise among Kids and teenagers who use smartphones and gaming devices. Insomnia, lack of motivation, impaired vision, loss of social life, and other symptoms of addiction can occur. Addiction is primarily caused by social media, and the best way to prevent it is to set Screen-time limits available on Parental control apps such as Mysitter and schedules on your Kid's device.

How to protect your kids?

Protection does not always imply authority over them. It entails teaching them how to use social media effectively. Social networking can be a great way for people of all ages to share information in a friendly environment, but it also carries some serious risks.Assist them in setting up social media accounts. Sit with them and use social media to educate them. The key is to teach your Kids how social media works and how to navigate the internet safely.

Kids require constant supervision at first, but with time, more freedom may be granted. Your Kids will become more mature and knowledgeable about what to do and what not to do on the Internet as they grow older. Consider using parental control apps to keep your kids safe. Mysitter, the best parental control app available, can be used for this purpose.